A Custom Raw Diet for Pets With Cancer

Every 1 in 3 dogs has cancer. Each year, around 6 million new cases of canine cancer are diagnosed. We know your pets are your family, and discovering that your pet has cancer could be dreadful. However, following proper treatments and precautions can save your pet and ease up their lifestyle.

Diagnosing Cancer in Your Pet & Finding Treatment Alternatives

Find out the right custom raw diet for your pet to help them fight cancer better.

Since cancer can affect any tissue in the body, the clinical indications that your pet is suffering from cancer vary. There are no signs that always indicate cancer is the cause of sickness of your pet.

Your veterinarian might observe a few cancer-like symptoms and run a couple of tests, including radiographs, blood tests, and ultrasound exams. Based upon the stage of your pet’s cancer, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, cryosurgery, hyperthermia, and immunotherapy are some of the options for treatment that could be referred to you by your veterinarian.

Cancer is a complex disease influenced by various factors, including the environment, diet, exercise, stress, immunizations, etc.

What Does Custom Raw Diet Do to Pets With Cancer?

Raw food diets are ideal for pets with cancer since kibble adds too many carbs and sugars to their system, fueling the disease. A fresh, raw food diet, on the other hand, boosts a dog’s immune system and helps to fight cancer. 

A custom raw diet will have the required amount of nutrients that your pet will need to stay healthy during the treatments mentioned above. Furthermore, a custom raw diet improves the digestive system of pets with cancer and reduces their inflammation too.

Your pets will have all the nourishments needed to recover from surgeries and other treatments.

Dr. Kendra Pope is with you and your pet in this time of difficulty. With proper herbs and dietary supplements, your pet can have the strength to go through the traditional cancer treatments and lead a prolonged healthy life.

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