Integrative Oncology

I tell my patients to think of cancer as a weed. Modern western oncology is focused on destroying the weed…integrative oncology concentrates on the soil the weed grows in…making the soil as inhospitable as possible to the growth and spread of the weed.

– Dr. Donald Abrams, MD, Author, Integrative Oncology; Professor UCSF Center for Integrative Medicine

Integrative Oncology


When waging war on cancer, owners want to know that they have access to all of the tools in the toolbox. Whether you choose to incorporate conventional treatment options such as surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy or are interested in less aggressive or non-traditional options, we are here to help you navigate through this tough journey. Dr. Pope has extensive experience in treating cancer patients in every scenario, from supporting radiation and chemotherapy patients experience fewer side effects to developing treatment plans to use alongside conventional treatment for improved outcomes and quality of life, to increasing wound healing and minimizing scars after surgery, to treating cancer from a completely holistic approach. She can speak with you about all of your options and work alongside your pet’s conventional doctors and oncologists, or work as the primary veterinarian, to help create a safe, effective, and appropriate treatment plan for your pet’s cancer.

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