Reduce Pet Anxiety During Holiday Gatherings

Quarantine is finally over; you can have that BBQ or Christmas party. Your house might be bursting with activity for these holiday gatherings, but have you ever wondered what effect this will have on your pets? After a year in quarantine, your pets might have been accustomed to having only family around, and huge gatherings can be overwhelming for them. 

Effects of Holiday Gatherings on Your Pets 

Your pet deserves a fantastic holiday too!

Your pet’s daily routine will be disturbed during the holidays. You might have additional chores to run, and holiday preparations can keep many pet owners occupied; thus, you might end up spending less time with your pets. Additionally, if you are stressed, there are chances that your pet might pick up on it and get tensed up too.

New faces and scents, crowds, blinking lights, and a lot of noise can act as anxiety triggers in your pets.

This can lead to hiding, loss of appetite, increased pacing and circling and behavioral changes in your pets.

What Can You Do To Reduce Pet Anxiety?

  • Exercise is beneficial to both cats and dogs. It will not only keep them healthy but also help them in having a peaceful sleep. When pets are bored and trapped inside, they become increasingly agitated and restless so take them for a walk at a park to relieve some tension and let them have a break from the Christmas rush.
  • Try to stick with your daily schedule as much as possible. Since pets like to follow a pattern, having your daily routine can calm them. 
  • Prepare for your pet a calm area with comfortable bedding, calming music, and dim lights secluded from guests’ hustle. 
  • You can also follow a series of treatments and tips such as massages and acupuncture, add some stress-relieving supplements in their diets to reduce pet anxiety.

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