Alternative Treatments for Pets with Cancer

Cancer is the diagnosis that all pet owners fear the most. It isn’t because conventional treatments are dangerous to the health of animals, but rather because even after the treatment, this disease is most often fatal for pets. For dogs over the age of 10 especially, this diagnosis can be terminal. 

Pet owners who have received the cancer diagnosis for their pets have seen the worst the pet world has to offer them. To love and cherish a little friend, have them emotionally support you in your hours of need, and then to find them in excruciating pain for a reason they can’t even understand is not easy. The emotional toll on the pet parent takes years to heal, if at all. There are, however, alternate medicines that help the pet’s pain that can help the pet parent too.

Alternative Medicines

Support your pet by booking a consult with Dr. Pope to reduce the pain your pet feels as he suffers from cancer.

You can incorporate antioxidants and fish oil in your pet’s diet to strengthen their immune system to help them fight cancer better. Some herbs and mushrooms have been proven to boost the immune system and create anti-cancer effects in pets.

However, the most effective option for a pet’s pain management is acupuncture therapy, which also helps with nausea. You can look into reputable doctors performing this procedure for pets and can book your appointment at the earliest convenience.

Dr. Pope is someone you can trust when it comes to alternative treatments for pets with cancer. She offers preventative medicine and acupuncture to relieve your furry friends’ pain, enhance their blood flow, reduce inflammation, and release relaxing compounds in their bodies. If you have any questions, feel free to book a consultation with Dr. Pope and have all your questions answered.

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