Natural and Holistic Preventive Pet Healthcare

An important part of the healthcare of your pet is preventative pet medicine. Let’s talk about the types of holistic healthcare practises that can benefit your pet, and how nutrition is the building block for all holistic preventive pet healthcare.

How Does Preventive Pet Medicine Work?

We collaborate with your pet’s conventional veterinarians in order to provide for all of your pet’s needs. Looking at diet, activity levels, and preventing disease with flea and tick prevention, a Holistic Veterinarian provides for the aspects of your pet’s health, and preventive pet medicine helps to ensure that your furry family member stays as healthy as possible for as long as possible. By ensuring better healthy practices, your pet can keep their health far longer as they age.

How Does Holistic Pet Healthcare Work?

When treating your pet, holistic care takes the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of your pet into consideration. A holistic vet works alongside your general veterinary practitioner to create a well-rounded and multidisciplinary plan in order to care for your beloved pet.

How Great Nutrition Can be Preventative Medicine

Great nutrition for an animal is as important as it is to a human. The healthier we eat, the healthier we are, and the same is true of our furry friends. Using a combination of western training in the treatment of chronic disease and education in food therapy, we can choose the best food products and items to balance and support your pet’s body systems. If there is a certain disease or specific dietary needs, a veterinary nutritionist can create a specialized plan to be the safest and most appropriate for your pet. Herbs and supplements can also be used to help your animal to thrive.

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