Importance of a Species Appropriate Pet Diet

When we refer to proper nutrition, people commonly think about steering clear of fast-food restaurants and achieving balanced nutrition. The foods that humans evolved to consume are those that provide the most health benefits. It should come as no surprise then that the same is true for our pets. 

Cats, dogs, and all other sorts of pets have also followed distinct evolutionary paths that influence which foods are most beneficial for their biology. It may be tempting to follow fad diets and “ethical” regimens for pets, but this can actually have a negative impact on their health overall. Ensuring that you provide a species-appropriate pet diet is a crucial component of holistic nutrition for pets

Benefits of a Species-Specific Pet Diet

Dr. Kendra Pope has been helping educate people around the importance of a species-appropriate pet diet for years. Especially for those with newborn and younger pets, providing the right nutrients will give them a leg up in terms of preventative and functional care. If you’re concerned about the specific needs of your pet or want to develop a customized nutrition plan, Dr. Kendra’s herbal and dietary solutions can help ensure they’re healthy for years to come!

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Pets that receive a species-specific are better positioned to live healthy lives and prevent the development of common diseases.

Preventative — Just like with humans, proper nutrition during the early developmental stages is imperative for the health of animals. By teaming up with a professional and adopting the correct holistic nutrition for pets, you can build up their immune system with the proper foods. That leaves them better equipped to fight illnesses and diseases as they age. 

Functional — From reducing allergies to preventing ticks and chronic disease, a species-appropriate diet is a foundational component of pet health. Especially during treatments like chemotherapy for cancer, providing your pet with the right blend of species-specific food is also important for promoting better health outcomes. 

Get the Help You Need

If you’re concerned about the well-being of your furry friends and want more information about customizing a protocol of holistic nutrition for pets, reach out to Dr. Kendra Pope today!

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