Herbal Medicine to Support Holistic Pet Care

In the world of veterinary medicine, there is a range of possible holistic pet treatments for disease and illness, such as holistic pet care. Within this larger category are several subcategories, including herbal medicine. 

Herbal medicine looks at plants for their healing attributes and medicinal uses rather than as a food source. Seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, and flowers are all considered when looking for sources of herbal medicine. Herbal medicine often combines several herbs and supplements to find a blend that will enhance the overall curative effects.

holistic care for your furry friends
Herbs and supplements are an important part of a preventative medicine approach.

Holistic Pet Care and Herbal Supplements

Can herbal medicine support pets’ health and healing? Implementing an herbal supplement routine to your pet’s diet can be an effective way to improve your pet’s general health and wellbeing when guided by a veterinarian. 

Before suggesting an herbal supplement plan, Dr. Kendra Pope looks at your pet’s condition and biological makeup. Symptoms of illnesses and diseases are also taken into account when creating an herbal medicine plan for your companion. 

Types of Herbal Supplements for Pets

Tablets and capsules are a common form of herbal supplements, but they are not the only way to buy this type of medicine. Herbal medicines for pets come in a range of forms. For animals that dislike tablets, a powder or tincture may be easier to administer. These can be placed directly into food or treats to entice the animal to eat them. 

For topical treatments, the ideal form may be a cream or salve. These are spreadable, easy to apply methods. 

Straight from the source options include fresh or dried herbs. A tea made from these herbs is also an option. 

The choice of how to administer herbs or supplements depends on the needs of the animal. Crafting a regimen of herbs and supplements is a carefully considered approach. Building a holistic pet treatment care plan using herbal medicine requires a broad knowledge of the healing properties of plants and herbs and how they interact.  

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