Nutrition is the Foundation for a Happy and Healthy Pet

Dr. Kendra Pope knows that a good diet is the foundation of good pet health. Pets that eat a suitable diet and maintain a healthy weight will have an improved quality of life and increased overall health. Dr. Pope can enhance your pet nutrition by working collaboratively with a certified veterinary nutritionist. She helps owners figure out the best way to feed their pets and how to navigate the overwhelming number of choices when it comes to figuring out what they should eat. She combines her expertise in western medicine and holistic pet care to find the best integrative nutrition choices for each individual pet.

Feed Them Well

Every great pet diet is rooted in wholesome, fresh, locally sourced ingredients that provide maximum nutritional value. Dr. Pope can help you locate the correct food sources, whether homemade or commercially available pet food. Also, it’s important to know that the first step to great pet nutrition is to find a species-appropriate diet. In other words, dogs should eat like dogs, and cats should eat like cats. Dr. Pope will teach you about pet nutrition and gently guide you through everything you need to know to feed your pet well.

Personalize Their Diet Plan

The second step to great pet nutrition is to create a diet that is pet-specific. Just like human beings, your pets are all different and have varying requirements to optimize their health and wellbeing. Dr. Pope can answer the question: What does your pet need to be healthy? She’ll help create a custom meal plan for your pet, including advice around supplements and nutrients. You can feel confident that they’re receiving the best possible diet for their needs. If your pet is undergoing medical treatments or has specific limitations due to allergies, she will integrate that into their meal plan to achieve the best results.

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