Holistic Pet Care to Supplement Conventional Treatments

Dr. Kendra Pope is a board-certified veterinary oncologist that specializes in treating patients that have received serious diagnoses. Her passion is helping her patients deal with difficult diseases and helping their owners navigate this challenging time. She is extensively trained in holistic pet care, including herbal medicine, intravenous nutrient therapy, and acupuncture. By combining holistic care as a supplement for conventional medical treatments, she can provide the best possible outcomes and quality of life. Read below to find out exactly how holistic pet care can help a pet undergoing medical treatments.

Support for Pet Parents

Sometimes doctors don’t always have the best bedside manner, but Dr. Pope takes the time to provide emotional and professional support for pet parents. She wants to ensure that they have a full understanding of the treatment, symptoms, and challenges their pet might face due to their diagnosis.

Provide Supplementary Care

Your pets will receive care that goes above and beyond basic medical treatment. Supplementary treatments include acupuncture, herbal medicine, and IV therapies to help promote healing and to help support your pets as they receive medical treatments.

Improve Pet Quality of Life

By receiving supplementary holistic care, owners can rest assured that their pets will have a much better quality of life than if they were to receive medical treatment alone. They may actually have a better quality of life than they had before their diagnoses.

Innovative Treatments

Dr. Pope uses her extensive training to combine holistic treatment plans to supplement conventional treatments. She stresses good nutrition (including supplements and nutrients), alternative therapies, and integrative oncology treatments to help pets and owners deal with difficult traumas and diagnoses. Holistic pet care can help pet owners take control of their animals’ health and help them be advocates for their wellbeing.

Combine holistic pet care with conventional treatments for the best results.

Contact Dr. Pope and find out how you can support your loved one’s health.

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