Alternative Veterinary Care in Eatontown, NJ

Pet-Specific Alternative Veterinary Care in Eatontown, NJ 

Alternative Veterinary Care take a personalized approach to improve a pet’s quality of life. We help clients in the Eatontown, NJ area be proactive about the health and wellness of their pets. Our treatments are rooted in the belief that treating the root cause of the problem is far better than treating the symptoms. When it comes to your pets, we want to arm you with all the resources and tools to make the best decisions.

We Offer a Range of Holistic and Alternative Pet Cancer Treatments in Eatontown, NJ 

Drawing from our experience in veterinary oncology and education in food therapy, we can offer patients alternative pet cancer treatments either as a sole treatment or adjunct with the treatment provided by your primary veterinarian. 

We always advocate for excellent nutrition, believing that the cornerstone of a healthy pet is a pet-specific diet plan. We believe that treating the whole pet and getting to the root cause of the health issues. However, many clients seek alternative pet cancer treatments that help alleviate any pain or side effects caused by conventional cancer treatment.

Chemotherapy and radiation treatments can come with a series of side effects. Our team will work with our clients to find the best, most well-rounded, and innovative holistic treatments to increase patients’ quality of life. Alternative pet cancer treatments like acupuncture and massage can initiate self-healing and restore balance, which is essential when a pet undergoes surgery and treatments for cancer. 

We provide Alternative Veterinary Care in the Eatontown, NJ area, giving our clients and patients the resources and tools they need to make the best decisions about the health of their pets.

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