Ways to Use Pet Therapeutic Massage to Reduce Anxiety

You’ve heard of pet therapy, right? It’s that awesome thing where you can get your pet professionally trained to visit nursing homes and bring some much-needed comfort to the residents there. What you may not know is that your pet can also benefit from pet therapy, whether they are feeling stressed out or even just having some trouble getting around. Pet therapeutic massage can help with all of these situations and more, so here are ways to use it to give your furry friend the relaxation he or she deserves.

1) What is Pet Massage?

Pet massage is a form of complementary and alternative pet medicine that uses massage techniques to improve your pet’s health. Your dog or cat can experience some great benefits from receiving massage therapy, including reduced anxiety, improved immune system function, increased blood flow and circulation, pain relief, and more. Scientific studies have even shown that animals who receive massages regularly live longer than those who don’t — great news for your pup or kitty! In other words: Pets get happier and healthier with regular therapeutic massage!

2) Why Can it Help Pets?

Simply petting your dog or cat can reduce their stress, but there’s so much more that therapeutic massage can do for your pet. From relieving pain and stiffness from arthritis and other conditions to encouraging socialization, pets can reap benefits from regular massages every bit as much as we humans do. There are also a number of studies suggesting that massage therapy can positively affect pet owners.

3) Where to Begin?

One of the biggest reasons pet owners hesitate when it comes to pet massages is because they’re not sure where to begin. Start with a familiar behavior that your dog or cat already enjoys and modify that behavior into something new and beneficial for both of you. Many pets are already used to receiving attention from their owners, so petting, stroking, or scratching may work as a foundation for your massage.

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