Natural Way to Treat Pet Cancer

A holistic approach to pet cancer involves treating the whole pet, not just the symptom. Using integrative oncology, doctors can stimulate the immune system so that the pet can fight the cancer without harsh drugs or radiation treatments and provide owners with more peace of mind about their furry family member’s health. Here’s how you can support your pet on his journey with cancer by using some holistic therapies too.

Pet Oncology

Veterinarians see a wide range of cancers in pets, ranging from lymphoma and leukemia to brain cancer. Integrative oncology refers to natural treatments that help support and improve your pet’s immune system. Integrative oncologists are veterinary practitioners who focus on using complementary therapies as well as conventional treatment regimens to treat pets with cancer. Holistic veterinarians use integrative oncology to treat pets with cancer by helping pets live longer, healthier lives while dealing with their illness. Holistic vets work together with pet owners to create customized treatment plans for pets diagnosed with cancer.

Holistic Approaches

Integrative pet oncology, sometimes referred to as holistic pet oncology, is a field of veterinary medicine that uses alternative and complementary therapies in combination with traditional treatment methods. These holistic approaches may include acupuncture, botanical remedies, dietary interventions, herbal supplements, homeopathy and intravenous vitamin C therapy. Some integrative practitioners will also recommend changes in diet and lifestyle, such as increased exercise or reduced stress levels. Talk with your vet before beginning any kind of pet cancer treatment program.

Stress Reduction/ Management Techniques

Pets with cancer can have a very difficult time. Stress is something that pet parents should be aware of and reduce when possible. A natural calming product such as Adaptil can help keep pets calmer throughout their oncology treatments. Pets respond well to massage and acupressure, so any type of self-massage can improve quality of life for your pet (and you!) during a stressful time like cancer treatments.

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