The Fundamentals of Holistic Oncology for Pets

As pet owners, we understand that it is tough to see your pet in pain. Cancer manages to reduce the light in the eyes of your lovely pet that was once full of life and joy. However, fret not. There are ways to treat cancer with minimal pain involved. One of these painless methods is known as holistic oncology for pets. 

What is Holistic Oncology 

If cancer is a weed, then the pet is the soil where the weed thrives. Holistic oncology aims to make the pet an inhospitable host for cancer to grow. Holistic oncology for pets aims to reduce the dysfunction in the immune system in order to help your pet resist and fight the symptoms and aches caused by cancer without undergoing the process of chemotherapy and radiation. 

Holistic oncology for pets focuses on providing your little loved ones with the right treatments and correct nutrients so that they are back on their feet in no time! 

Preventative Methods to Strengthen Pet’s Immune System 

 Your pet’s health is our utmost priority.

Holistic Oncology for pets is an umbrella term for numerous kinds of treatments, each depending on your pet’s needs. Some of these treatments include: 

●        Acupuncture

●        Herbs and Dietary Supplements

●        Integrative nutrition

●        Intravenous nutrient therapy

●        Regenerative medicine

●        Therapeutic massage

●        Integrative oncology

●        Preventative medicine 

Each treatment and therapy in holistic oncology for pets is carefully designed to help your pet ward off any form of disease or cancer. 

If you are worried about your little angel and not sure how to aid them in restoring their health, contact Dr. Kendra Pope today. We are happy to assist you and your pet and help them recover in no time. You can also visit our website for more details about integrative oncology and different types of herbs & dietary needs for your pets. 

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