Treating Pet Cancer Holistically

There aren’t many diseases that are more grueling to treat and live with than cancer. Effective treatment still has lasting, debilitating side effects on the body and can drastically reduce ones quality of life. That’s why the medical community is working hard to develop innovative solutions and techniques that preserve wellness and treat it more effectively. 

But when it comes to pet cancer treatments, we haven’t made the same kind of large-scale changes. Treatment protocols for pets with this issue are still not adequately addressing the impact that systemic disease has on all aspects of health and can drastically reduce their quality of life. Seeing an animal in pain is horrible to witness, especially when it is an extended member of your family that is dealing with a pervasive issue like cancer. 

Thankfully, holistic pet cancer treatments like integrative oncology are being developed to bridge this gap in care provision. 

How Holistic Pet Cancer Treatments Can Help 

Integrative oncology helps improve the outcome of cancer-stricken pets in a variety of different ways. By investing in holistic pet cancer treatments, pet owners can help realize the following benefits for their furry little friends:

1. Reduce the debilitating side effects of traditional cancer treatments.

2. Speed up healing and recovery time after surgical procedures.

3. Treat the whole pet, not just the cancer symptoms, for better overall health.

4. Pet-specific diet implementation, which helps to support a strong immune system and improve recovery.

A veterinary expert applies supplementary holistic care during the administration of pet cancer treatments.

Finding Integrative Oncology Practitioners

If you’re interested in finding a professional who can deliver high-quality holistic pet cancer treatments, reach out to Dr. Kendra Pope today. For years she has been improving treatment outcomes and quality of life for animals through her integrative therapy approach.

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