Holistic Pet Oncology to Supplement Conventional Cancer Treatment

Our little friends, furry and otherwise, very quickly elevate to the position of the family. And like all family members, we want to ensure that they receive the best treatment possible when it comes to devastating diseases like cancer. As healthcare continues to move away from the disease-focused model and towards patient-centered care, it’s imperative that we do the same for our animals by introducing holistic pet oncology

Conventional cancer treatments wreak havoc on biological systems. Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery can drastically reduce your pet’s quality of life. Thankfully, adjuvant holistic pet oncology treatments can help nourish your pet and improve their immune system to help them better handle the more aggressive cancer treatments. Dr. Kendra Pope has extensive experience in this domain and can help ensure that the most critical component of this integrative oncology — pet-specific nutrition — is maintained throughout the process.

The treatment experience of pets afflicted with cancer is much improved by the use of holistic pet oncology.

Integrative Oncology 

Dr. Kendra’s professional integrative oncology approach is built on the foundation of her deep clinical experience, proven food therapy practices, and her transparent, compassionate communication with pet owners. 

Clinical Experience — Dr. Pope has helped countless pets navigate the negative impact of chemo-, radiation-, and surgical therapy. Her holistic practices help reduce the impact of scarring, heal wounds faster, and lead to a general improvement in treatment outcomes. 

Food Therapy — Species-specific dietary interventions help build up the immune system of animals to better prepare them for traditional cancer treatments. Proper nutrition is the foundation of her holistic pet oncology

Transparent Communication — Dr. Kendra approaches all interactions with pet owners through a transparent, compassionate lens. Treating cancer in pets is an incredibly tough experience for any owner or care provider; candid interactions help clear up doubt and provide a better understanding of all tools in the pet oncology toolbox. 

If you’re concerned about how conventional cancer treatments will impact your pet or to learn about preventative care options, contact Dr. Kendra Pope today.

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