Considerations for Holistic Health for Your Dog

Choosing a holistic lifestyle for any member of your family comes with decisions and responsibilities. And, if you prefer a holistic approach to your own health, it makes sense to take the same approach for your dog. Because holistic medicine is not the norm, some family and friends will find the decision to be unusual. This opens a door for discussion and may even open minds for those who’ve never considered the many alternatives to conventional western medicine.


At its most basic explanation, when selecting an holistic approach, you commit to getting to the cause of your dog’s health issues, not just treating the symptoms. This commitment to keep working to get to the root of the problem involves both the dog owner and the holistic vet. Sometimes there is a simple solution for your dog’s health issue, sometimes the problem is deep rooted and takes some investigating and patience.

Let’s break a misconception about holistic pet care: Holistic medicine is neither less expensive than conventional medicine, nor is it more expensive. It is simply different. If cost is a concern, open this discussion with your holistic veterinarian – and then do what fits in your budget.

Quality-of-life is one of the primary reasons dog owners seek holistic health care. Holistic medicine offers a wonderful array of options that improve quality of life. These options don’t start when the dog is old – providing quality of life starts at a young age and may be as simple as not over medicating your dog.

When might you seek holistic health care for your dog? Well, anytime, of course. But, certainly seek a holistic option whenever being told there are no other options, when your personal values are not being met, and when conventional medication doesn’t agree with your dog.

There are more considerations for holistic health care for your dog – the above material is just a beginning. Questions? Ask your holistic veterinarian. Contact Dr. Kendra Pope today and schedule your consult.

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