7 Incredible Benefits Of Pets Getting IV Nutrient Therapy

Having a pet is a wonderful thing. That must be why over 80 million families in the US have one at home.

The benefits of owning a pet are well-documented. Having a fur baby helps relieve stress, boost your mood, and more.

One drawback to having a pet? Having to take them to the vet when they get sick.

If you’re looking for a holistic treatment for your pet, you might consider IV nutrient therapy. Let’s look at seven amazing benefits IV treatments offer you and your pet.

1. It’s the Easiest Way to Get Nutrients to a Sick Pet
Trying to get a sick pet to eat or drink is difficult enough as it is. IV treatment makes it easy for them to get the nutrients and fluids they need.

An IV quickly and safely gets nutrients right to where they need to go. Your pet is re-hydrated almost instantly.

Bonus: more fluids help your pet go to the bathroom. That might not seem like a plus, but the more they go the more they get rid of anything bad they might have eaten.

2. Pets Are Under Vet Supervision
Another great benefit of IV therapy is that it requires vet supervision. There’s no need to worry that you’re not giving your pet the right medicine in the right dose.

IV lines can get tangled or kinked, or they can become blocked from the animal moving around. A confused or scared animal might pull out their IV.

Therefore, your pet will need a professional watching over them at all times to make sure they continue getting the care they need. That’s sure to make any pet owner feel at ease.

3. Almost Instant Improvement
A pet that’s suffering from dehydration might not drink or eat fluid-filled foods. That only makes the problem worse.

If your vet determines your pet is dehydrated, a quick round of IV therapy is great for treating them quickly. After that, your pet will be back to their old selves.

There’s hardly any turn around time after receiving IV treatment. The fast results speak for themselves!

4. Customization of IV Treatment
IV treatments come in a variety of “flavors”. A vet can easily create a custom cocktail tailored for your pet’s exact needs.

IV fluids are combinations of magnesium, potassium, dextrose, and more. They’re much more than just plain water, and deliver vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients your pet needs.

Whether it’s dehydration, pain management, antibiotics or any other kind of medicine your pet needs, there’s probably an IV for it.

5. Safer Surgery with IVs
When your pet needs surgery, IV nutrients help make it much safer. There are many complications that can occur when your pet is anesthetized, and IVs help reduce their probability.

For example, pets’ blood pressure decreases when they’re sedated. Fluid from an IV helps re-stabilize their blood pressure and prevents damage to their kidneys and blood vessels.

An animal’s core temperature also drops during surgery. IV fluids can be warmed and bring their temperature back up to the appropriate levels.

If something goes wrong and your pet needs emergency drugs, IVs are the quickest way to give them to your pet. Giving those medicines quickly at a crucial time can save your pet’s life!

6. Fast Recovery
Unlike other medicinal procedures, your animal doesn’t need a lot of down time after receiving IV nutrients. You’ll see almost instant results from their treatment, and recovery is just as fast.

IV fluids help your pet recover after surgery as well. Just as the fluids help during surgery, they help your pet’s kidneys and liver bounce back after the stressful event.

7. Help Address Pets’ Specific Needs
Animals sometimes have illnesses that are best addressed by IV fluids. Their specific needs can’t be addressed by oral medicine or surgery.

For example, animals that are continuously vomiting or suffering from diarrhea need fluids fast. IVs get them re-hydrated and recovered fast.

Cats often suffer from kidney disease because they are built to live without a lot of water. IV fluids can help extend their life and ease their pain.

Vitamin C IV treatment can help prevent illness, boost wellness, and might even be able to help with cancer treatments. It might be worth looking into where to get IV vitamin C treatment near you for that reason alone!

What Happens When My Pet Receives IV Nutrient Therapy?

Now you know all of the benefits IVs have to offer your pet. You might now be worried that it will be a difficult procedure for your animal.

The procedure might change according to your pet’s needs and your vet’s preferences. Usually, animals tolerate the treatment very well with minimal issues.

Your vet might choose to shave a part of your pet’s fur if necessary. From there, they sterilize the area and add an IV port.

They’ll watch your pet to make sure the IV line doesn’t get kinked, pulled out, or blocked. It might be just an hour or overnight, depending on what your animal needs.

Give it a try and you’ll find that it’s a mostly easy, stress-free procedure for you and your pet. Plus you’ll see nearly instant results and who doesn’t love to see their puppy or kitty back to their old selves?

The Right Treatment for You and Your Pet

Is IV nutrient therapy right for you and your pet? The only way to find out is to ask your local vet.

Whether it’s for preventative treatment, ongoing care for a certain illness, or an emergency procedure, they’ll know the best course of action to take. Rest assured that if your pet needs it, it’s easy, safe, and fast.

Treating a pet’s illness can be a nerve-wracking ordeal. Learning about what treatment options are available to you before hand is pro-active and can help put you at ease during a difficult time.

Want to learn more about IV therapy for your animal? You need to talk to a vet who will do a comprehensive review and who has experience in this field.

Reach out to us today and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and concerns!

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