Alternative Pet Care in Long Branch, NJ

Innovative and Well-Rounded Alternative Pet Care in Long Branch, NJ 

We offer Alternative Pet Care in Long Branch, NJ for clients seeking the most innovative and well-rounded care for their pets. Whether you are looking to take a holistic approach to your pet’s health as a preventative measure or you are seeking help for a specific diagnosis or health problem, we have many resources. We look at each pet, their lifestyle, and their health and find the best approach to increasing the quality of life and overall health and wellness. 

Ease the Side-Effects of Cancer Treatments With Holistic Pet Oncology Long Branch, NJ 

When a pet receives a cancer diagnosis, it is heartbreaking for the whole family. Conventional cancer treatments for pets may include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation which can also take their toll and have terrible side effects. We have a full understanding of the challenging and complicated journey that you and your pet are on, and we want to give you every tool in the book to help your situation. 

Dr. Pope offers holistic pet oncology, either as a sole treatment to cancer or to supplement conventional cancer treatments. Our integrative oncology, along with all of our holistic treatments, is rooted in the belief that we can nourish and strengthen your pet’s natural defenses and body systems through good nutrition, herbs, supplements, and other non-traditional treatments, like acupuncture and massage. We treat the whole pet, not just a single diagnosis. 

When used alongside conventional treatments, Holistic pet oncology has helped pets suffer fewer side effects, health faster from surgery, boost their immune system, and improve the quality of life. We are fully transparent in our practice and want to give pet parents every resource and tool to support their pets. 

Contact Dr. Kendra Pope and her staff for Alternative Pet Care and Long Branch, NJ. Together we can customize the best care and treatments possible to help each pet heal, recover, and live long, happy lives.

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